Ends Of Dragons Expansion

Ends Of Dragons Expansion Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons Expansion coming February 2022 with Fishing, 2-player Mount and more. Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons is the third expansion pack for Guild Wars 2. It was announced on March 12, 2020. Currently, it is slated for release in February 2022. Four beta events will […]

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Steam Deck

Valve, took the gaming community by storm last week with their announcement of the Steam Deck – a handheld gaming machine. It will serve as an affordable and accessible entry to PC gaming for many, and will be a great way for PC gaming enthusiasts to take their games with them on the go. Steam […]

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Gusion Top Global Build

Gusion Top Global Build One of top global builds for Gusion by SkyweeGusion is a Hero Mage Assassin who specializes in Change Burst Damage which has a high level of difficulty to master. Hope this build helps you in your Gusion mastery journey. Background Gusion The Paxley family is one of the most powerful, proud […]

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The Atoraxxion

The Last Stronghold, Atoraxxion Vahmalkea, has finally been revealed! As you uncover the secrets hidden within the depths of this ancient weapons factory, share any “episodic” experiences you have for a chance to win an “Atoraxxion Award!” Who knows? You might be Black Desert’s next big star! The event start at July 21, 2021 until […]

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Transport Ox Skin The Mistbison

Transport Ox Skin The Mistbison The brand-new Mistbison skin is now available in Albion Online ingame store! This premiere mount skin transforms your Transport Ox base mount into an ancient, mystical beast from the age of Avalon. With its ability to transport heavy goods and resources across large distances, the Transport Ox is an essential […]

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Bruno Special skin “The Falcon”

Bruno Special skin “The Falcon” Mobile Legends released a special skin to Bruno’s hero. As a hero designed as a soccer player, Bruno gets an exclusive skin that wears the Saudi Arabian national team uniform, this special skin is called “The Falcon”. Growing up in the slums, Bruno was always thinner and much more frail […]

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