Guild Wars Guide 2: How To Get Gold Instantly

Is there a way to get gold easily? Let’s gather and read our writings, made by ArenaNet players. We’ve rounded up lots of quick ways to get gold for the legendary MMORPG game that’s more than a decade old since its first release! An Instant Way to Get Gold

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4 Steps to Unlock Skyscale Mount in Less Than 6 Days

Steps to Unlock Skyscale Mount. Let’s take a look at some tips that will be shared with you exclusively on how to quickly unlock Skyscale Mount. Immediately, see the tips below! Is There a Way to Unlock Skyscale Mount Quickly? 4 Steps to Unlock Skyscale Mount in Less Than 6 Days. Of course, even in […]

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Part I: How to Wing 1 Raid in Guild Wars 2

How to Wing 1 Raid in Guild Wars 2. Prepare your character to conquer Spirit Vale in the game Guild Wars 2. Legendary game players docked, and check out how I defeated existing bosses to conquer Spirit Vale! Beginning Open Spirit Vale through the raid portal at the Lions Arch Aerodrome. There will be three […]

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Super Efficient! Complete Vision I & II Achievement Now!

Super Efficient Complete Vision Achievement Now Still playing one of the legendary MMORPG games made by ArenaNet? Yes, Guild Wars 2, which has been around for more than a decade, still has many players who are very enthusiastic about new events to attract many new players or newbies. Are you ready for the Vision I […]

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Best Build Shadow Arts D/P Daredevil in Guild Wars 2

Still playing the legendary MMORPG games of the last decade? Yes, Guild Wars 2, which is an RPG genre game with massive multiplayer, can bewitch many players to become loyal. But, have you ever found it difficult to build Daredevil’s D/P shadow arts build? Check out the build we prepared below! Best Build Roaming Shadow […]

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