3 Methods for Obtaining a Large Amount of Gold. Have you installed the most recent world patch? Patch 1.2 includes numerous bug fixes and new changes, one of which is how to obtain a large amount of gold. What is the most efficient way to farm gold? The top four gold-generating bonus items in New World Patch 1.2!

  1. Submit Your Best Offer

Purchase something from the trading post in order to resell it at a high bid price.

  1. Non-Traditional Farming

Go to the trading post and see what is most in demand and selling. Then go out and farm those resources to sell to the trading post.

  1. Locate a New Location

It’s time to explore a new area that few other players are aware of. New areas will provide you with more chances to gain gold, experience, and level up faster. That is 3 Methods for Obtaining a Large Amount of Gold.

The Top 4 Gold-Generating Items in New World Patch 1.2

  1. Award

The trophy is the first popular item, because everyone wants to improve armor crafting as a high-value trade skill right now.

  1. Tier IV: Materials

Almost all tier IV materials are now extremely valuable. Rather than selling raw materials, you can craft them first and then sell them at a higher price.

  1. Invincible Great Ax Shards

Because a timeless shard is very expensive, make sure you try to craft great axes. You can collect more gold if you pay a high price.

  1. Stone chopping

Many people require stones that have been cut using lodestone and runestone, so the stonecutting skill can help you make gold. As a result, stone-cutting items are in high demand.
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