Steps to Unlock Skyscale Mount.

Let’s take a look at some tips that will be shared with you exclusively on how to quickly unlock Skyscale Mount. Immediately, see the tips below!

Is There a Way to Unlock Skyscale Mount Quickly?

4 Steps to Unlock Skyscale Mount in Less Than 6 Days. Of course, even in less than a week, you can get the Skyscale Mount by following our Guild Wars 2 guide. You only need to prepare before unlocking the Skyscale Achievement and follow four steps to get your Skyscale in less than a week!


Make sure the following things before you run the 4 steps that are waiting for you, this usually only takes one day with a long playing time of about 15 hoursMake sure you have completed the last episode of Living World Season 4 Story, “War Eternal” and episode 4 of Living World Season 4 Story, “A Star to Guide Us” chapter 3 to access Sun’s Refuge.
In addition, you must prepare 12 pieces of Skyscale food, which can be purchased at the Trading Post for 26 gold. You also increase the level of the Jackal to the maximum. You need sand shifting skills for your Jackal. After that, you can complete 10 events around the respective camps to unlock the merchants you need to complete your first Skyscale Achievement. Once everything is ready, you can go to Dragonfall and meet Gorrik and talk, this will open the first Skyscale Achievement.

Step 1

Newborn Skyscale & Saving SkyscaleAccording to the Guild Wars 2 Guide Wiki, you have to feed your skyscale. You can read the complete guide here. Here we will share tips for the Newborn Skyscale and Saving Skyscale phases.
Tip: If you can reach both of these phases, “Newborn Skyscale” and “Saving Skyscale,” on the same day, you can feed your Skyscale on the same day. So, you can save about a day. Don’t forget to feed Skyscale the next day.

Step 2

Do the Season of the Dragon AchievementWhen you feed the young Skyscale for 3 days, you can also do the Season of Dragon Achievement from “Return to Domain of Istan” to “Return to Dragonfall” to get map currency, 250 each. You only need to do this until you reach Tier 3 on each map, so you can catch up on feeding the daily Skyscale.
Tip: You can collect the easier parts like in Step 1 instead of doing the hard parts earlier when it comes to daily feeding time.

Step 3

Troublesome SkyscaleFor the manual, you can read it through the Wiki Guild Wars 2 Guide. To make things easier, we’ve put together some tips for you to try!

  1. For the Jumping Puzzle, use the TaCo add-on.This will help you find the answer. The TaCo add-on is Tactical Overlay, an official and safe add-on for Guild Wars 2 created by players like you. You can access the TaCo add-on at
  2. In the Skyscale Stealth section, you can target Skyscale by using Ctrl + T to make it easier to find.

4 Steps to Unlock Skyscale Mount in Less Than 6 Days

Step 4

Riding SkyscaleYou will use the 250 LS4 map currency in step 2 here for the Skyscale Sadle. After that, you can follow the Wiki Guild Wars 2 Guide to get the best results. And congrats, you have unlocked the Skyscale Mount in less than 6 days.

How long does each step take, and how long does it take to unlock the Skyscale Mount?

Starting with the preparation, you will need one day. Go to Step 1 and Step 2. You will need 3 days. Between Step 3 and Step 4, you need 1 day. The duration to unlock Skyscale Mount is 15 hours per day.
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4 Steps to Unlock Skyscale Mount in Less Than 6 Days

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