Guide to Achieving High Mastery Points. The game players, made by ArenaNet, who have been legendary for more than a decade, are very excited about the Drakkar Event, which allows Guild Wars 2 players to have high mastery points. Have you got it? If not, check out our review below!

Hidden Entrance

In fact, the entrance to the Drakkar battle is in a different cave. You can head to the Frigid Dunes and enter through the eastern Whispering Depths.
Fight or Ignore.Prepare yourself if the Champion appears when the Drakkar event starts, so when you meet the Sons of Svanir in the cave, you have to fight him. If no Champions appear, you can skip them, and turn right at the second turn.
Raven GateFocus your mind and follow the jump puzzle. Make sure you cross the ice platform and the plank from the door with the two burning torches on the right. Slide and get new doors.
End of Mastery PointsFind the broken boat by sticking it to the jumping puzzle. From here, you can see the power for Mastery Point.Reach Mastery Points by jumping to the right after climbing as high as possible on the bow. Reach Mastery Points by clearing the puzzles.
We hope that completing the Drakkar event will be easier after reading our posts. However, there is no such easy event as entering a new area and completing the event. Surely, there will be other challenges in the cave that will be waiting for you.
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