Understanding a massive MMO like New World can be difficult. This is the case with the gear score watermark. But what exactly does”watermark gear score” imply?
What exactly is the New World Gear Score Watermark? On your way to level 60, you’ll come across equipment that roughly corresponds to your developing skills. Power variation is represented by gear score: the higher the score, the better.

The New World Gear Score Watermark’s Impact

This is critical in the New World endgame because, once you reach level 60, all gear slots are set to a default gear score of 500. The only way to get better gear from there is to reach a high watermark.Equip new equipment with a higher gear score if you come across it. Even if you don’t save the item, doing so will increase the watermark. From then on, you’ll be able to find loot that is slightly higher or lower than the new benchmark.

This process no longer works with shop-bought or crafted items, traded items, or quest rewards after level 60. They can only be found in dungeons, arenas, or as drops from monsters or bosses.
Equipping all of the best gear you can find will increase your gear’s Watermark Gear Score over time. The key is loot, which can only raise the watermark for high slot gear. Remember that ghost gear only applies to one slot at a time. It will take a long time to raise them all.

Increasing the gear score watermark in the New World is a thrilling experience for newcomers. We can work hard to achieve our objectives. Unfortunately, it can be a waste of time and necessitates patience and good fortune. When it comes to grinding, luck is frequently a factor.

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