How Luck Works in the New World

Aeternum people, do you know about luck? You can find luck in our favorite game, New World. How does it work? Take a note, grab your soda or coffee, and read it down below right now! Can You Describe How Luck Works? Yes, as far as we know, there are two types of luck: global […]

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Tutorial for the Lost Ark: Mining

As a Lost Ark player, let us introduce you to another trade skill called mining.This trade ability will come in handy when playing Lost Ark. So we’ll explain everything about mining, give you some tips and tactics, and make some recommendations. Let’s look into it right away! Intro In Lost Ark, mining is a trading […]

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How to Get a Dragonscale Cape?

Preparation Buy the Icebrood Saga expansion. And then buy these materials first, so as not to go back to the trading post or vendor just to buy some materials. These materials will cost you around 215 gold. The materials are: 1000 of Crystallized Blood of Jormag 400 of Glob of Ectoplasm 500 of Lump of […]

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New World Guide: Malevolence ‘s Elite Chests and Hidden Puzzle Elite Chest

Have you heard that in Malevolence, we may obtain hidden Elite Chests? Many people are still perplexed and unsure how to obtain it. Some people are still wondering how to get it and if it can be gained on their own. Check out our professional players’ feedback! Can You Find Hidden Elite Chests on Your […]

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