Balmond New Skin Collection God Of Mountains

Moonton finally announced that Balmond will soon be given a skin Grand Collector in Mobile Legends named God of Mountain which is very cool.

This skin will make the appearance of a Balmond who was originally ‘smear’ will turn into a God. God of Mountains Balmond has bluish-green skin, giving him the appearance of old jade statues that are popular in Asia. He is wearing a beautifully carved armor and shoulder plate that complements his large stature. He also wields a giant axe with what seems to be imbued with green, mystical power. Collector skins provide the best visual skill changes out of all the skin types. First off, God of Mountains

Balmond leaves an orange lightning trail whenever he casts Soul Lock. For Cyclone Sweep, his axe lights up and creates a light show as he spins around. Last but not the least, his ultimate Lethal Counter has effect white lines which are very cool before he releases Ultimate. And summons an intricate carving after he smashes his hammer in the ground. God of Mountains Balmond will be available soon in to Mobile Legends. Wait for the official confirmation from Moonton regarding the arrival of this new skin.

In the Land of Dawn, from the Enchanted Forest to the Crack of the Abyss, the Blood Demons used their noble bloodline and extreme intelligence to enslave the Orcs, symbols of barbaric strength. The Blood Demons saw the Orcs only as their servants. In addition to searching for their own good, the enslaved Orcs are also tasked with hunting for very special food (Moon elves) for their masters. The Orcs suffered greatly during their 30 years of enslavement, and their great ancestor, the Crazed Savage, hoped for an early end to their period of slavery. The Orcs had organized countless rebellions against the Blood Demon rule in the past, but each time they were met with death and destruction. It was during one of the larger of these rebellions, that the Orc leader’s wife lost her life, giving birth to Balmond. Balmond was raised by his father and their clan of Orcs. The unusual circumstances of his childhood led him to grow up with a violent tempter and a love of battle. He achieved victories in all of his battles against the Moon Elves and Humans, and many became hopeful that he would continue in his father’s legacy and command the Orc army to dominance.


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