Selling Mutation Orbs. For gamers made by Amazon Game Studios who are having a hard time collecting gold, you should read this guide to get rich faster on Aeternum. Are you curious! New World players, pay attention to this guide now!

Can We Sell Mutation Orbs and Get Gold?

Of course, without covering it, in this game made by Amazon Game Studios, you need gold. You can get a lot of gold by selling mutation orbs. You have to follow the 7 steps to sell mutation orbs below!

How to Best Sell Mutation Orbs in the New World?

  • Step 1

The thing you have to prepare in the first step is to get the key, mainly the mutation orb. You can get it from the genesis orb or lazarus orb.

  • Step 2

Send a chat message on global/recruitment by typing “WTS Orb LFM”

  • Step 3

Determine the price. Make sure each level has a different price. For example, for regular it is 1k gold per slot party/5k full orb. Mutation1 1.5k per slot/7.5k full orb. The mutation price to the next stage is twice the previous price.

  • Step 4

Make your way to the gate of the mutated dungeon and invite a party of your buyers. Make sure there are at least 3 people in front of the gate. They can pay outside the dungeon or when entering the dungeon. Although we recommend it outside (recommended outside the dungeon).

  • Step 5

Choose the mutation level that will be sold

  • Step 6

Prepare the key orb that has been prepared in advance to enter the dungeon

  • Step 7

If the full orb is sold, then we are not entitled to join the dungeon or are called out of the party.
If you actually need umbral shards and feel bad about selling mutation orb slots for gold, you can collect gold in the New World as usual. Of course, this method will take a long time if you decide to collect gold as usual.
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