Still playing the legendary MMORPG games of the last decade? Yes, Guild Wars 2, which is an RPG genre game with massive multiplayer, can bewitch many players to become loyal. But, have you ever found it difficult to build Daredevil’s D/P shadow arts build? Check out the build we prepared below!

Best Build Roaming Shadow Arts D/P Daredevil

Daredevil requires a build with high mobility in this game. Take advantage of Shadow Arts to buy time to kill enemies with high damage, assisted by the speed at which they move.

Synergy Daredevil

Make the most of Backstab with the advantages of Shadow arts, which has a long stealth duration and can make you regenerate quickly.

Daredevil Playstyle

Start with Backstab and Shadow Shot, continue with the Heartseeker combo with Black Powder.

D/P Daredevil Skill Bar of Shadow Arts

  • Swipe
  • Dagger/Pistol
    • Double Strike, to attack the opponent twice
    • Heartseeker, go ahead and fight your enemies. The less health you have, the more damage is generated.
    • Shadow Shot. Shoot the opponent to blind him and launch an attack.
    • Headshot. Fight your enemies with head shots.
    • Black Powder. Throw it, and blind your enemies with smoke.
  • Heal
    • Hide in Shadows. Hide and recover your condition.
  • Utilities
    • Shadowstep for the area you are targeting
    • Blinding Powder. Blind nearby enemies and get stealth
    • Signet of Agility. Get increased precision.
  • Elite
    • Dagger Storm: Spin and dodge projectiles by throwing daggers.
  • Shortbow
    • Trick Shot. Shoots bounce heat between nearby enemies.
    • Cluster Bombs. Aim for a continuous blast in the target area in the area you are firing at.
    • Choking Gas. Shoot arrows that can poison the target in a certain area.
    • Disabling Shot. The way to retreat is to fire at the enemy.
    • Infiltrator Arrow. shoot arrows and shadowstep into certain areas to blind your enemies.

Shadow Arts D/P Daredevil Equipment

For equipment, you can use marauder sets starting from daggers, pistols, shortbows, and armor, which is also a marauder set from helmet to boots.
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