Best Tier Hero Mobile Legends. This MOBA game made by Moonton has a new tier list of heroes in the latest season. It is observed that MLBB has entered new season, in which there is a new meta hero as well as a new tier. What’s the list like? Check out our article below!

What is the Best Tier Hero in Mobile Legends?

  • Tanks
    • Overpowered (S+): Khufra, Edith
    • Strong (S): Hylos, Lolita, Tigreal, Gloo, Akai, Barats, Uranus
    • Good (A): Grock, Baxia, Gatotkaca, Atlas
    • Fair (B): Johnson, Franco, Belerick, Hilda
    • Weak (C): Minotaur
  • Fighter
    • Overpowered (S+): Roger, Yu Zhong, Paquito
    • Strong (S): Chou, Lapu Lapu, Aldous, Esmeralda, Jawhead, Ruby, Kaja, Silvana, Sun
    • Good (A): Balmond, Martis, Freya, Leomord, Alpha, Argus, Zilong, Bane
    • Fair (B): Minsitthar, Masha, Badang, Guinevere, Khaleed, Aulus, Terizla, Thamuz, Dyrroth
  • Assassin
    • Overpowered (S+): Lancelot, Hayabusa, Karina, Aamon
    • Strong (S): Benedetta, Ling, Fanny, Saber
    • Good (A): Gusion, Selena, Helcurt
    • Fair (B): Natalia, Hanzo
  • Mage
    • Overpowered (S+): Yve, Lylia, Pharsa
    • Strong (S): Valentina, Vale, Luo Yi, Kagura, Chang’e, Cecilion, Kadita, Alice, Aurora
    • Good (A): Eudora, Cyclops, Valir, Nana, Harith, Harley, Zhask.
    • Fair (B): Gord, Odette
    • Weak (C): Vexana
  • Marksman
    • Overpowered (S+): Beatrix, Yi Sun-Shin, Natan
    • Strong (S): Bruno, Clint, Brody, Popol and Kupa, Irithel, Moskov, Kimmy, Lesley, Granger
    • Good (A): Wanwan, Miya, Hanabi, Claude
    • Fair (B): Layla, Karrie
  • Support
    • Overpowered (S+): Mathilda
    • Strong (S): Rafaela, Estes
    • Good (A): Floryn, Angela, Diggie
    • Fair (B): Carmilla
    • Weak (C): Faramis

Mobile Legends Meta Hero Recommendations

  1. Hero Recommendations for the Middle Lane
  • Vale: Burst Vale’s damage from start to finish is great. In the late game, you can end the enemy with a one-shot. Magic defense and crowd control.
  • Yve: Ultimate from Yve can attack enemy backlines and secure turtles, lords, and enemy buffs.
  1. Suggestion for a Hero Experience Lane
  • Paquito: Paquito’s burst, dash, and crowd control are great. He can threaten the enemy by attacking the back line and fighting strong enemies.
  • Edith: Crowd control with the tank form is very helpful because Edith can turn into a marksman with long-range damage.
  1. Hero Gold Lane Recommendation
  • Clint: Get high damage with Clint. He is a very strong hero against tanks.
  • Beatrix: Beatrix’s four weapons (Bennett, Nibiru, Renner, and Wesker) can be used for all kinds of situations. Remote targeting, blowing up towers, launching rockets To clear the waves She is a versatile hero in team fights.
  1. Jungling Hero Recommendation
  • Natan: Even though he has to farm at first, Natan can deal high damage in the late game.
  • Roger: Known to be fast and agile, Roger can secure a camp in the forest to fight strong heroes with combos.
  1. Roaming Hero Recommendation
  • Lolita: The ability to stun one hero, block projectiles, and stun the area makes Lolita the best counter for all attacks and ranged skills.
  • Mathilda: Good mobility from Mathilda, starting from bringing teammates to advance in battle, retreating, even healing with her ultimate

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