Have you received a Blunderbuss in the newest update to Amazon Game Studios’ MMORPG game, New World? Are you experiencing any problems with it or trying to find Blunderbuss Guide? Do you require the top recommendations? Welcome to our compiled reviews of several professional athletes!

Blunderbuss Guide: What is a blunderbuss and how do you use it effectively?

The Blunderbuss is a new weapon in the New World, a long-range weapon with excellent mobility and damage when used at close range.

There are two kinds of mastery: confined and chaotic.

  • Containment focuses on stun and slowing adversaries. Netshot, Claw Shot, Azoth Sharpnel
  • Chaos emphasizes on preserving your distance and blasting regions with explosive AoE damage. Splitting Grenade, Mortar Charge, and Blast Shot

Recommendation for perks:

  • mortal energy: when you kill anything, you acquire stamina.
  • Vorpal: Increase headshot damage.
  • Kindly empowered: on significant gain, empower

Recommendation for Blunderbuss Construction

  • Tank: active skills Claw shots, blast shots, and net shots may all be paired with passive talents. Fortifying Aggression, Future Planning, On a Roll, Bite Back, Buck Shot, Artillery, Last Chance, and Extended Chamber For Passive Key, double down.
  • DPS: Azoth Shrapnel Blast, Mortar Charge, and Blast Shot are active talents; Future Endeavors, Run and Gun, Ramp, Deep Load, Fortifying Aggression, Future Planning, Bite Back, and Extended Chamber are passive skills. Unloading a passive key
  • PVP: There are three active skills: Claw Shot, Azoth Shrapnel Shot, and Blast Shot. On the Ramp, Deep Load, Fortifying Aggression, On a Roll, Bite Back, and Buck Shot Unloading a passive key

Some recommended weapon combinations for the blunderbuss include:

  • Greataxe: Use in combination with the enemy’s gravity wheel skill to stun them.
  • A stun effect is obtained by combining the Warhammer skill with the enemy’s shockwave skill.
  • Hatchet-combination with berserk skill that boosts agility to make it easier to gap or escape
  • Sword: a mix of defiancestance and jumping strike skills attempts to create a crowd jump at the adversary and then transition to a blunderbush to conduct devastating combinations.
  • Ice Gauntlet-combination with ice shower talent that delivers a devastating stun effect on foes.
  • Firestaff: when combined with the burnout talent, allows you to move towards the adversary from a distance of up to 11 meters.

The following talents should be learned in the following order while leveling up your weapon:

  • Azoth Shrapnel Blast
  • Splitting Grenades
  • Mortar Charge
  • Reach
  • Discord
  • Refresh
  • Azoth Bomb
  • Soften
  • Steady
  • Libertarian
  • Streaks
  • Ramp
  • Deep Load
  • Buckshot
  • Future Planning
  • Artillery
  • Extended Chamber
  • Bite Back
  • Double Down

What If I Can’t Play Blunderbuss?

You can master Blunderbuss by putting your talents and the rhythm of the game to the test. Don’t be influenced by the successes of other players, because each person is unique in their own way. You, as a New World player, are also distinct.

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