Bruno Special skin “The Falcon”

Mobile Legends released a special skin to Bruno’s hero. As a hero designed as a soccer player, Bruno gets an exclusive skin that wears the Saudi Arabian national team uniform, this special skin is called “The Falcon”.

Growing up in the slums, Bruno was always thinner and much more frail than his peers. However, these circumstances never stopped him from having a courageous heart, filled with freedom. Bruno’s kindness and integrity were his greatest traits. He was also known to have much improved leg strength and efficient kicking techniques, which had been well exercised, through him playing local soccer. Thus, he remained proud of his performances. However, Bruno used these techniques to not only defeat lots and lots of malicious soccer opponents, but also help his villagers, as well. On an unfortunate occasion, during a tragic accident, Bruno was severally injured and he almost lost both of his legs, while saving the life of the great inventor, Dr. Rooney. Sadly, this event caused Bruno to lose all hope in life, as he realized that this incident had not only hurt him physically but had also wound him mentally. However, when the scholars of Antoinerei heard about Bruno’s inspiring story, they commended him for his bravery, empathizing with his tragedy. Out of strong compassion, the scholars and inventors of Antoinerei, under the guidance of Dr. Rooney, used the City’s latest and most advanced technology, to create synthetic cyborg legs for Bruno, transforming and modifying his almost devastated legs, to make him much more agile and skilled, than before. When Bruno took his first step, he was shocked by the strange feeling of his synthetic legs. As Bruno progressed, he was amazed by how, running felt like flying, to him and how easy it had become for him to cover miles, at the speed of modern vehicles.

In order to expand to regions outside Southeast Asia, Moonton developers collaborated with the Saudi Arabian national football team to promote Mobile Legends to the Middle East region. But “The Falcon” skin is available for the Middle East region only, that means Indonesia doesn’t get it. Don’t worry. As usual Moonton still has other plans for each region.


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