Lost Ark Guide: Logging

This is a guide, tutorial, or whatever you want to call it for signing in to our popular South Korean game, Lost Ark. Logging is one of the Lost Ark’s six trade skills or harvesting resources, and it entails cutting logs and obtaining materials from the tree. Finally, we investigated how to log into Lost […]

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Fishing in the Lost Ark

We’d like to present a trade skill that some Lost Ark players may not be aware of fishing. So, if you’re looking for a fishing guide or instructional, you’ve come to the perfect place, so read it immediately! How to Catch a Fish in Lost Ark? Intro Fishing is another trade skill in Lost Ark, […]

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Daily Profitable Item in the New World

Were any New World gamers still perplexed and too lazy to figure out what the most lucrative item in New World is? Don’t worry, Aeternum, we have a list of lucrative products in the New World as well as some tips and tactics. Get down below right now! What is the most profitable item on […]

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Unlocking the PvP mode in Lost Ark.

Is it feasible to implement PvP in Lost Ark? Or are you having trouble opening it if you haven’t read the manual first? As a consequence, we will give our version of the instructional, which we believe will be easier to understand. Best wishes and pleasant reading!One of the various content aspects in Lost Ark […]

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How Long Does it Take to Complete the South Vern Questline in Lost Ark?

South Vern is a new area introduced to Lost Ark. It has the highest item scoring area and is one of the continents with the most recent endgame material. And the majority of the endgame stuff will be purchased on this new continent. Players will be able to finish the main quest as well as […]

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Unlocking the Warclaw Mount

People who continue to play Guild Wars 2: Do you have any trouble unlocking the Warclaw mount? Is there no match method or guide for unlocking the Warclaw mount? So, let’s get this thing started! How Do I Get the Warclaw Mount? Prequisition Purchase the Path of Fire expansion pack. You must spend 1 World […]

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