Check the Easiest Weapon Leveling Location. Playing games in the RPG genre is quite fun. The necessity of grinding, gathering, and then crafting something is quite exciting. However, problems arise when you are required to level weapons. Check out our easiest weapon leveling recommendation now!

Any Easy Weapon Leveling Recommendations?

Of course, we have recommendations for places where you can level up weapons more easily and with fun. You can simply check the list of locations below and use the interactive map available on the gaming community from Amazon Game Studios.
You just pay attention to the right time for weapon leveling, which is after reaching level 60. This is because the weapon XP issued is lower if you have reached level 60. This is the most effective strategy after reaching level 60.

  • Deadman’s Cove – Monarch’s Bluff 

When your level has reached 60, go to Deadman’s Cove, in the Monarch’s Bluff to be precise. This is suitable for solo leveling weapons, as it is level 25 in the elite area and has lower level monsters.

  • Great Cleave – Defiler Excavation 

Make sure you are ready with 3 pulls in the mine while in the Defiler Excavation, to be precise, when in Great Clave. Prepare yourself to fight enemies from level 41 to level 43. Through 3 unique pulls, you can group monsters at certain points and kill them all at once.

  • Hibbotsfield – Mourningdale

Walk north of Mourningdale, you will find a location called Hibbotsfield. You will come across a corn field. You can use it as a place for farming resources when leveling weapons. Doing two jobs at once effectively

  • Boarsholm – Restless Shore

Go to the Restless Shore, then head north from the Restless Shore. You will find many boars in Boarsholm. Kill them all. Make sure you are strong enough to kill them all. It appears simple; however, if done in large quantities, it can be quite difficult.You can find it on the interactive map under the name “Boar Takeover.” You can be attacked by many boars when setting up your tent. Wait until you are attacked at night. Stay alert.
Doing weapon leveling with our recommended location list will be more fun than trying to level weapons at any location. If you feel that the location we recommend is quite difficult and you need a high-level weapon quickly, we can suggest a leveling service by a reliable booster.
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