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Cyclops is a Mage with Very High Cooldown Reduction, High Movement Speed, High Damage and can stop any Enemy from running. He is a hero classified as a mage whose specialties are Damage and Poke. He costs 15000 Battle Points. You may also purchase him for 599 Diamonds instead. Moonton released him in 2017, and he is a side laner.

According to the Cyclops skills explanation below :

Cyclops Skills

Cyclops’ Passive Skill: Starlit Hourglass

The passive skill is called Starlit Hourglass. When he uses this skill, and when it hits enemies, all of his skill CD is decreased by 0.5s.

Cyclops’ Skill #1: Planets Attack

The first active skill is called Planets Attack. When he uses this skill, he uses the stars’ power to generate a starlit sphere that spins around him and increases his Movement Speed of 30% for 2s. The sphere also attacks nearby enemy heroes and deals Magic Damage worth 210 (+50% Total Magic Power) points to them in which damages that are dealt with the same target decay.

Cyclops’ Skill #2: Star Power Lockdown

When second active skill is called Star Power Lockdown, and when he uses this skill, he generates a massive magic sphere that is filled with planetary power. It chases his enemy in which it deals Magic Damage of 500 (+220% Total Magic Power) points. The target also becomes immobilized for 1s to 2s depending on the distance the sphere travels.

Cyclops’ Skill #3: Stardust Shock

When third and final active skill is called Stardust Shock in which when uses this skill, he casts two shock waves of stardust which each deals Magic Damage worth 245(+60% Total Magic Power) points to an enemy. With this skill, the enemies will stunned for 2 second.

For now, let’s focus on Mobile Legends Cyclops Best Build 2021.

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