Aeternum, Do you ever feel that your expedition build for New World isn’t appropriate when you’re in the thick of it? Perhaps all you need to do is seek for a tutorial, guide, or tips and techniques for the greatest expedition construction and tips New World that can help you.

What Is the Best DPS Meta Gameplay and Expedition Build for New World?


  • Fortune and constitution

We have two suggestions. The Great Axe & War Hammer and the Great Axe & Blunderbuss are two of them. To stun the adversary, use your big axe in combination with their gravity wheel skill. The Blunderbuss is a new weapon in the New World; a long-range weapon with excellent mobility and close-range damage.
There are two kinds of mastery: confined mastery and chaotic mastery. The goal of containment is to shock and delay adversaries. Netshot, Claw Shot, Azoth Sharpnel, and Chaos are skills that emphasize preserving your distance and pounding regions with massive AoE damage. Blast Shot, Mortar Charge, and Splitting Grenade

  • Constitution and dexterity

We solely recommend the spear and bow for dexterity and constitution.

  • Constitution and Intelligence

Void Gauntlet with fire staff, or Ice Gauntlet and fire staff Meanwhile, the fire staff does damage with a critical hit chance and deals 152 Void damage when coupled with the void gauntlet. The ice gauntlet does 158 ice damage. Even after extensive use, the ice gauntlet will never be the worst to wear. It should be combined with the fire personnel.

Expedition Build in New World: Exceptional (Armor)

Spectral Ward IV is a gem that absorbs 1.9 percent of elemental damage and 0.63 percent of physical damage. Spectral Ward IV is made of malachite that has been meticulously carved and polished. A valuable stone that gives the user the Cruel IV sword characteristic and the Spectral Ward IV armor feature. You may use it to make jewelry.

Exceptional (weapon)

The following is a list of jewels (weapons) that we may obtain from our expert players:

  • Greataxe’s Opportunist IV
  • Warhammer 40,000 Opportunist IV
  • Ice Gauntlet Cruel IV
  • Abyssal IV in place of Void Gauntlet
  • Blunderbuss IV Opportunity
  • Cruel IV for fire personnel
  • Strengthened IV for Spear
  • Cruel IV (Bow)

What if this suggestion does not work for me?

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