Are you having trouble figuring out How to Speedrun Dynasty Shipyard in New World MMORPG? We’re delighted you came across us since we’ll be providing you with a guide on How to Speedrun Dynasty Shipyard down below!

What are the Speedrun Dynasty Shipyard Requirements?

  • Minimum level: 53 (to unlock repeatable quests-this is just for bonus rewards)
  • 5 Members of the Party
  • Weapons used for First DPS (A) have the following STR and CONS:
  • Greataxe
  • Warhammer
  • Weapons used for Second DPS (B) have the following stats: STR/DEX & CONS:
  • Spear
  • Greataxe
  • Third DPS (C) attribute STR/DEX/INT (choose) & CONS:
  • Ice Gauntlet
  • Spear
  • Greataxe
  • Warhammer
  • Void Gauntlet
  • Greataxe
  • Weapons used by HEALER attribute FOCUS & CONS:
  • Life Staff
  • Gauntlet of Void
  • Weapons with the TANK attribute STR and CONS:
  • Shield and Sword
  • Warhammer
  • Orb of Dynasty Tuning
  • Expertise 600+ and Gear Score 580+

How about Mechanic Speedrun Dynasty Shipyard?

  • Yau, the First Phase Summoner

To Speedrun Dynasty Shipyard, the first step is Yau. TANK is in responsible of channeling corrupted agro onto Summoner Yau using the Defiant Stance talent once monsters congregate around Summoner Yau. TANK swipes the weapon to Warhammer and uses the Shockwave skill, which seeks to stun the infected. Then, as a follow-up, use the Warhammer DPS shockwave skill, which provides a second stun. Then, using the Gravity Wheel talent, swipe the weapon again to Great Ax, and then Maelstrom, while the healer heals the squad with Sacred Ground. After everyone has been murdered, one of the players opens the gate with the Azoth Staff.

  • Chiu, Phase Spearman(Blowing Bomb)

Following the first phase, we go to the second phase, where we must complete the first job. DPS B is in responsible of locating and looting all Orichalcum Ore and Fire Mote (make sure one DPS is in charge of looting resources). DPS C turns on all of the booms. The gate will open when it has been blasted up by the boom.

  • Chen, Phase Commander

Maiden Jingfei will meet us when we enter the gate there. We don’t have to battle him directly here. Tank will take care of agro till we walk upstairs to see Commander Chen. The tank then applies agro to all monsters, including Maiden Jingfei and Commander Chen. After defeating all of the creatures, make sure the player travels down to the area beneath the stairs to get the treasure.

  • Lieutenant Bolin, Phase(Defend The Bomb)

We will now undertake the fourth phase, dubbed “Defense of the Bomb.” One of the guys present has just completed removing the chest from beneath the steps. One of the gamers promptly detonated the device, causing all of the corrupted monsters to arrive. Because there are two explosives, this is done twice. Make sure the DPS rapidly clears the monster with Warhammer Shockwave and swipes at Great Ax with Maelstrom.

  • Isabella Phase

DPS must be behind Isabella during her third phase to prevent her from running backwards. This is done to increase DPS and damage Isabella faster. When Isabella’s HP hits 50%, we will be attacked by two wild creatures, Joven and Oro. TANK is the first to offer aggro, followed by DPS, who does damage, and HEALER, who is in charge of giving the squad with Sacred Ground. After killing Joven and Oro, it’s time to take the chest at the gate.

  • Captain Kaiwei of the Phase

We are now in Captain Kaiwei’s phase after murdering Isabella, Joven, and Oro. The TANK, as usual, instantly delivered aggro to all corrupted from the bottom position to the left, followed by the healer in charge of providing a hit to Captain Kaiwei, who was positioned above near the gate, so that it was agro. DPS, on the other hand, chose the agro position on the right, and after everything was agro, the execution location for all monsters that had been agro is in the top right corner of the house, where DPS gathers. While slaying all of the monsters, make sure that one DPS player has taken resources, namely Orichalcum Ore and Fire Mote in the right and left spots (behind the house). After that, take the chest close to Captain Kaiwei’s first location (near the gate).

  • Taeying Phase(Last Boss)

If our boss is large enough for us to employ the dodge technique, if it fails, we are in grave danger since the boss’s damage might be all in on us. With a TANK that offers Defiance Stance talents to agro Taeying, then DPS is behind the boss’s focus hit and skill to the boss. When the boss’s HP reaches 75%, Taeying will fly up and bring up several corrupted items. This is repeated twice. When a corrupted arrives, DPS’s task is to deliver the Gravity Wheel with the proper time, then steal the weapon to Great Ax using Maelstrom. After all, the corrupted are no longer alive. Taeying will return to the ground and quickly occupy the DPS position, doing damage behind the boss, while the tank and healer are in front of him for agro.
A warning against unexpected assaults The position has been set up in the phase boss, issuing a highly broad and lethal skill set. This is the stage at which all players must execute proper dodge timing. We grab the chest after murdering Taeying and then leave.
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