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This is the release date information for the new epic skin of the uranus hero in mobile legends. as you know, there are so many skins that moonton presents every month. here will provide information regarding the release date ofthe latest uranus celestial bastion skin in mobile legends. check out the full review below.

this month, we will also have one of the new skins that is very interesting to wait for, the skin is the celestial bastion skin given to the hero Uranus.

epic uranus celestial bastion skin release date mobile legends

the newest uranus celestial bastion skin will be released on september 12, 2021. this Epic skin Uranus has a very cool appearance with a gold colored armor body.
leaks year we received a leak about the celestial bastion skin.
but finally in september 2021 wee will get this new uranus skin. moreover, some of the cool uranus skins are currently included in the limited skin.

the are also special but less cool ones with this skin. celestial bastion itself has an epic caste which definitely has cool animations.

the animation that is obtained will probably have a golden light aura coiled around its body, just like the name celestial bastion. this skin has celestial-like theme which is dominant with beauty, gold and light.

this Epic skin Uranus becomes very interesting to wait for, especially for those of you who are uranus users and still haven’t gotten their skin.

now for those of you who want to get it, check out the price and how to get the new Epic skin Uranus for the Celestial Bastion hero in the following Mobile Legends.

for those of you who are Uranus hero users, you are definitely waiting for this celestial bastion skin to be released in the mobile legends game. we will discuss this in the following article.

One of the tankiest heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is getting another epic skin Uranus “Celestial Bastion”, and this might be the best one yet.

Since this is an epic skin, all of his skills have been improved to make it look grander. Skin “Celestial Bastion” is available in the in-game store now with first week 30% OFF.

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