Is there a way to get gold easily? Let’s gather and read our writings, made by ArenaNet players. We’ve rounded up lots of quick ways to get gold for the legendary MMORPG game that’s more than a decade old since its first release!

An Instant Way to Get Gold

1. Making Use of the Trading Post
Use your trading skills by buying some items at low prices and reselling them for a profit. Make sure you see what potential items are hot items for many people to buy. Tips from us. You need patience in the auction. Also, don’t get your hopes up all the time. When buying and selling, you can incur losses. Don’t spam the items you sell in the trading post. Use statistical tools to post trades on sites you trust.
2. Silverwaste Gold Farm
Make sure you focus on this event and complete it before moving on to the Breach event.You only have to reach level 80 to follow this method. Earn gold by selling crafting items and materials in chests during the event. Tips from us: you can follow Group Commander and bring extra keys.
3. Tier 4 Daily Fractals
Make sure the daily is done. You can solve low-difficulty problems in this way as long as you are diligent. Complete daily or daily missions and earn gold. This will require a fairly pro-five person group to run. You will need agony resistance to go to Tier 4. Your goal is to complete 3 daily fractals in Tier 4; this generally takes about 30 to 60 minutes.

4. Istan Gold Farm
After receiving access to Istan, the Istan Gold Farm is run by tag. You have to find it. It’s easier than farming in Silverwastes. Make sure your moves are good so you don’t miss out. Our tip: follow the group commander while tagging the monsters and make sure the champion is in your hands. The Go-to Istan event means: Defend Akili as he recalibrates the mirrors around the Astralarium, Clear the Awakened from the Graveyard, the Great Hall meta chain, and the Palawadan meta event chain. Make sure you open all the chests in the finished event area so you don’t lose your loot.

In fact, this all requires a high level of trade skills to increase your tier to Tier 4. You can also use the method of leveling up to level 80 and look for gold in silverwaste. It will definitely be tiring to level up for gold farming. It looks complicated too, as we type this.

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