Why is it so difficult to obtain Harmony Shards in Lost Ark? Do you have that feeling? It will, without a doubt, be challenging. Tier 2 gear requires a significant investment, if not thousands of dollars. Welcome to the first major issue while playing Lost Ark. Please read our article slowly, players!

How about Farming Harmony Shards?

  • Island Quest

The only way to get a big amount of Harmony Shards is to complete island missions, which also grant material honing prizes.With so many islands strewn over the Lost Ark sea, players won’t have to worry about where to locate the honing materials they need to fortify their gear.

  • Dungeons 
  • Chaos Dungeon 
  • Grind Harmony Shards may also be found in Chaos dungeons. Each person can complete the Chaos Dungeon on their own until their demands are fulfilled.
  • The Abyssal Dungeon 
  • The Abyss Dungeon differs from the Chaos Dungeon in that the award is dependent on the daily, which is only twice a day. To get the harmony shard, the Abyss Dungeon cannot be repeated or grinded.
  • Continent Dungeon
  • Each continent has its own dungeon, and after finishing it, players will get a Harmony Shard bag as a prize. Unfortunately, not all dungeons will provide Harmony Shards. This award is only available in hard mode in tier 2 or above dungeons, and it can only be obtained once each day.
  • Una Task

Una assignments were the major source of money for players polishing materials, particularly the Harmony Shard. Each player will get thousands of Harmony Shards every day and week by completing daily and weekly Una objectives.

  • Exchange Vendors
    • Exchange of Bloodstones
  • Players can swap guild cash sylmael bloodstone received from daily guild missions for a specific quantity of Harmony Shard Pouch. And each player may only trade a certain amount, which is reset every week.
  • Pirate Coin Exchange 
  • Players may trade the pirate currency for the Harmony Shard Pouch from the wandering ship NPCs that can be found on the dock / port. And each player may only trade a certain amount, which is reset every week.
  • Chaos Dungeon Exchange 
  • By immediately completing a chaotic dungeon, we will receive a prize item in the form of a preception shard. Each player can trade the preception shard for a Harmony Shard Pouch with a fixed number limit, which is refreshed every week.
  • Tower on Alternative Characters

When you accomplish a tower using characters other than the main character, or an alternate character, the tower will award various rewards for each level, one of which is also the Harmony Shard.

Is There an Easier Way to Get It?

Getting Harmony Shards on a daily basis appears to be quite simple. However, it will get monotonous with time. Not to mention that the more time you spend on anything, the more bored you will become.
This is where we come up with a way to obtain you Harmony Shards quickly and simply. You may devote your time to other activities in order to be more productive and effective with your time.
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