Do you all know what corrupted sliver is, Aeternum? We know you can easily discover and farm sliver, but do you ever farm or acquire corrupted sliver in order to enhance it? Fortunately, we have a thorough instructional or guide to help us obtain and improve a corrupted sliver in the New World. Look at the article below!

In the New World, How Can We Get Corrupted Sliver?

A corrupted sliver in the new world may be obtained by completing a Major Corrupted Breach and looting a Major Breach Cache, which is also random. Corrupted slivers are not discovered in every Major Breach Cache; rather, they are only found in such caches. Minor Corrupted Breach Caches do not include Corrupted slivers. Because little corrupted breaches are easier to deal with, but major corrupted breaches are more difficult to deal with, it’s recommended to handle them with partners. A Major Corrupted Breach requires a party of five players to complete, which provides gamers an indication of how difficult these breaches may be.

Corrupted sliver may be used to produce Tuning Orbs at the stonecutting table.They will have access to new adventures in which they can join. Corrupted slivers may be combined to make Corrupted Fragments, which can then be combined to form Corrupted Shards. Corrupted fragments and shards are used to get high-level tuning orbs and proceed with expeditions. Finally, while corrupted slivers can be used in any fashion at the stonecutting table, they will not aid in the creation of any of the best weapons in the New World.


Obtaining corrupted sliver and upgrading it is actually rather straightforward, however your account must first have stonecutting skill level 100 and stonecutting table tier 5.

How to Repair Corrupted Sliver in The New World

We discovered four types of corrupted sliver to improve for Aeternum folks during our investigation. We’ll list them down below:

  • First, transform Corrupted sliver into Corrupted Fragment. To upgrade 1 corrupted fragment, you’ll need 5 corrupted sliver.
  • The corrupted fragment is then upgraded to the corrupted shard. To upgrade 1 corrupted shard, you will need 4 corrupted pieces. Check to see if you have it already.
  • Corrupted shard later evolves into corrupted crystal. One corrupted crystal is required. You’ll need three corrupted shards.
  • Finally, corrupted crystal evolves into corrupted lodestone. Prepare for two corrupted crystals to combine to become one corrupted lodestone.

Is Obtaining Corrupted sliver Difficult?

Some gamers observed that corrupted slivers are more difficult to get once you answered yes.
But do not give up. When you find yourself in the thick of corrupted sliver farming, keep trying and sharing with the New World community or other players. All issues will eventually have solutions. So we trust you will figure it out.
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