Do you have an issue obtaining Otter enrichment blessing? We are delighted to welcome you to our most comprehensive Guild Wars 2 tutorial on how to obtain the otter enrichment blessing. So have a look at the guide below!

How Do You Obtain the Otter Enrichment Blessing?


You must first earn 350.000 Karma before you may begin Unlocking the Otter Enrichment Blessing. For the first collection, you’ll need Karma. The Domain of Istan and Dragonfall are the finest places to farm karma. Don’t forget to buy the Karmic Retribution effect, which costs 10.000 Volatile Magic + 15g for the greatest stacks. When you reach the greatest stacks of the Karmic Retribution effect, you will get Karmic Retribution (masterwork) every time you kill an opponent on that map. You will get 200 karma if you consume the item in your inventory.

Step 1: Olaf Olafson’s Secret Achievement

  • Clue 1: Head north from the lighthouse.

A map fragment may be purchased for 5 gold and 350,000 Karma from any United Legions Quaestor.

  • Clue 2: When you reach the arch, turn west.

When the Defeat the Claw of Jormag event is completed, a chest holding the item is unsealed.

  • Clue 3: Venture beyond the crag.

Obtained by defeating one of the ten enemy cache keepers or gaining access to hostile supply caches through Wolf’s Crossing.

  • Clue 4: Come to a halt near the waterfall.

This piece may be found by opening Norn and Charr chests.

  • Clue 5: Examine the six guardians in the middle.

This artifact is found in the chest after beating one of the five Dominion tribunes.

Step 2: Treasure Sleuth Accomplishment

  • Treasure Key Discovered

The key is hidden behind the debris of the six pillars southeast of Forward Camp Waypoint.

  • Clue 1: It’s rumored to be somewhere with bad weather.

You’ll stumble across this treasure hunter when investigating the eastern edge of Lighthouse Point.

  • Clue 2: Keep your eyes peeled for the door.
  • The Archstone Coast Charr Copter Airdrop is located to the east of this treasure hunter, who may be hidden between a slope and a massive tree.
  • Clue 3: In snowy talons.

This treasure hunter might be found on the mountain’s northern ridge, west of the Sentinel Bay Charr Copter Airdrop.

  • Clue 4: Olafson was intrigued by norn and dwarven treasures.

This treasure hunter may be located near the finish of the Ox’s Yoke quest in the Cavern of Guiding Spirits.

  • Clue 5: In the vicinity of a tower

This treasure hunter may be located on the outskirts, on the southern mountain ledge near where the trail into Drizzlewood Peak goes into the Cavern of Guiding Spirits.

  • Clue 6: Claw’s Roost, somewhere

This treasure hunter may be located on the eastern mountain ledge between The Bloodfield and Frostvein Watch, just north of the Flight of the Eagle Spirit quest.

Significant Otter is the third step.

To complete this achievement, you must utilize 320 Otter Memories. Memories of Otter can be obtained in two ways:

  1. Farm it in the Northern Drizzlewood Coast meta by beating Dominion Tribune. After that, open Tribune’s Chest. You will receive 1-3 Otter Memories. You will receive 4–9 Memories of Otter if you open the Magnificent Chest after fighting the Claw of Jormag in Claw’s Roost at the conclusion of the meta.
  2. You will receive 10 if you save one Charget Stormcaller weapon or one Volcanic Stormcaller weapon. You can select the cheapest weapon from the trade post for this choice. With 320 Otter Memories, you’ll need to salvage 32 weapons. Salvaging a Volcanic Stormcaller weapon (this weapon is less expensive than the other) will cost you between 544 and 832 gold.


As a final reward for completing Significant Otter Achievement, you will receive an Ancient Norn Cape Pin. The Otter’s Blessing Enrichment contains this ascended amulet. The enrichment may be extracted with an Infusion Extraction Device, or the amulet can be salvaged using an Ascended Salvage Kit, however this will ruin the amulet. After obtaining the Otter’s Blessing Enrichment, you can apply it to any ascended or legendary amulet you own. Then, while the otter swims about you, appreciate it.
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