If you use this Badang Build you will be ranked Top 1 Global 2022. Still the coolest MOBA game in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia, Mobile Legends even has many new players every day and fans who are very loyal to every update in the latest season of this game. For ML or Mobile Legends players, Badang will be familiar as one of the mainstay fighter heroes. Here’s my recommendation, which is to use the Top 1 Global build. Check this out!

Warriors’ Boots

Get an additional 40 movement speed in-game by using Warrior Boots.

Demon Hunter Sword

As a physical fighter hero, Badang needs a Demon Hunter Sword to deal 9% physical damage from his remaining HP to your opponent.

Golden Staff

Get a high attack speed and you can continue to stack in the game by using this item on Badang.

A Blade of Despair

Give your opponent super sick damage with the Blade of Despair. The more critical the opponent’s condition is, the more damage they take.

Endless Battle

Endless Battle is the favorite item for many players in this 5vs5 game. It offers complete features even though the price is a little expensive. Almost all aspects will increase, such as getting mana, movement speed, physical attack, HP, to lifesteal effects, even basic attacks up to 60%.


With the unique effect of rising after death with damage absorption of up to 1000 according to the level of the hero, this defense item is the top 1 global Badang favorite to use.

Best Spells

Flicker is Global Badang’s top answer when on Gold Lane. You can chase enemies and dodge attacks instantly.

Badang’s Best Emblem

If you use this Badang Build you will be ranked Top 1 Global 2022.The Top 1 Global Badang recommendation is an Assassin with a Killing Spree battle effect. You can combine it with Fatality and Agility. This emblem will increase your blood by 15% if you succeed in eradicating your opponent.
Although I recommend building the top 1 global badang item, it all still depends on how you play and the conditions in the game. It will be easier if you have maximally boosted your favorite hero.

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