Improve Corrupted Dungeon Albion Online

Corrupted Dungeons in Albion Online have improved at the Season 13 balance patch. This patch is technically called Call to Arms Patch 9.

The Corrupted Dungeons where the new Corrupted Mephit mob will appear after some time has passed. It will debuff the first player it passes. Additionally, the shrine will have to be activated within 45 seconds. Healing Cast has been reduced by an additional 10%. And all cooldowns will now reset at the start of the invasion.

This patch also brings several combat balance changes to Albion Online. Weapons and armors that have these changes are swords, axes, fire staffs, daggers, royal armor, and shoes.

Call to Arms Patch 9, AKA the Season 13 Balance Patch, is now live! This patch brings updates to Corrupted Dungeons as well as combat balance changes and quality-of-life improvements galore.

Corrupted Dungeon Changes

To keep combat between different playstyles fair while discouraging endless cooldown resets, several changes have been made to Corrupted Dungeons:

The new Corrupted Mephit mob now appears after a set amount of time and debuffs the first player passing it, allowing some time to adjust tactics while discouraging constant disengages

Shrine must be activated within 45 seconds

Healing Cast reduced by a further 10%

All cooldowns reset at invasion start

Combat Balance Changes

This patch includes changes to numerous weapon and armor lines, which are intended to bring some lesser-used items and abilities back into the spotlight and keep combat exciting and fair across a diverse array of builds. Here are just a few of the changes:

Axes: Bloody Reap reworked into AoE execution tool; Rending Rage and Adrenaline Boost buffed

Daggers: Deadly Swipe now consumes more energy when used purely for mobility, but is more energy efficient in fights

Fire Staffs: New Q-ability, Searing Flame, added: shots deal moderate damage, fourth successful shot becomes Furious Flame for greater damage

Swords: Mobility increase returned to Heroic Charge, various E-ability cooldowns reduced, Hamstring reworked, new Crescent Slash ability for Clarent Blade

Armors: Energy Drain (Royal Armor) no longer steals enemy energy, renamed Energy Source

Shoes: Royal March improved, effective uptime of Battle Frenzy and Premonition increased


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