Infernal Roar Warhorn Skin

Lead the charge with the Infernal Roar Warhorn Skin. It’s complete of sound and fury, however don’t sweat, it’ll never burn the hand that holds it. This the newly releaased skin is available on the gem store for a limited time only.

Anet also sales some of hottest sales on popular items throughout August. List of dates is below:

– August 10, 25% Off Etherbound Gauntlets, Etherbound Greaves, and Etherbound Pauldrons

– August 11, 25% Off Flamekissed Light Armor Skin, Flamewalker Medium Armor Skin, and Flamewrath Heavy Armor Skin

– August 12, 25% Off Frostfire Outfit, Mad King’s Outfit, and Lunatic Guard Outfit

– August 13, 20% Off Eternal Mandala Backpack and Glider Combo, Spellforged Glider Backpack Combo, and Shrine

Guardian Backpack and Glider Combo – August 14, 25% Off Fused Molten Logging Axe, Fused Molten Sickle, and Molten Alliance Mining Pick

The warhorn is an off-hand only weapon. Warhorns are known for their support skills and always have a skill that gives the caster swiftness.


Roaring Reveille Roaring Reveille — Warhorn skills apply additional boons. Your concentration is increased.

Windborne Notes Windborne Notes — Warhorn skills gain reduced recharge and grant regeneration around their target. Recover health when you gain regeneration.

Banshee’s Wail Banshee’s Wail — Warhorn skills gain increased effect duration and reduced recharge.


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