Are you getting puzzled and disoriented in Soulfist or searcing for Lost Ark Recommendation for it? Perhaps you had a bad physique. Fortunately, we have a nice Soulfist build for you. Lost Ark gamers who chose Soulfist should read our post right now!

The Soulfist augments the abilities of the Lost Ark’s traditional martial artists by mixing lightning-fast speed with long-range damage. With its low health bar and squishy nature, the class may begin and complete its own engagements without taking a single shot.

What’s Soulfist Build Recommendation that We Get?

Unlike her classmates, the soulfist loves to plot her strategy before participating in fight. She has the power to vaporize adversaries within a short to medium range, significantly reducing their health bars. Swiftness and Crit are the major combat stats in this build. It assists in the fast slaying of monsters.

Lightning palms and force orbs are two examples, as are debilitating obstacles such as: An energy blast with a long range and high damage output that may be utilized to target and exploit boss vulnerabilities.

  • Energy Blast: Long-term damage with a steady stream of energy directed towards the target. It is up to the Soulfist to fight and kill her enemies as soon as they have been injured to her satisfaction.
  • Three forward dashes that may be linked together to provide minor damage to enemies caught in the center.
  • Charges forward with a moderately devastating energy palm that doubles its damage when used against airborne opponents.

Because runes give additional benefits to certain abilities, the placement of runes on such skills is crucial.

Lost Ark Recommendation: How to Exaggerate The Damage?

If the player causes enough damage before the hypnotic effect wears off, he or she can press Z again to move to a greater hypnotic state. If you continue from Level 2, the Soulfist will first enter Hype Level 2 and then Hype Level 3. The current level of statistical benefits on the Hype scale, each having a maximum value of three. Damage increased by 60%, attack speed increased by 15%, and skill cooldown decreased by 25%.

Our Most Recent Recommendation

By utilizing Galewind, you can shorten the duration of your main damaging skill’s casting animation. Use Protection to absorb some damage when utilizing your stationary or long-animation talents. The flash step can be successfully cast three times, increasing the likelihood of activating the rune Rage.

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