Have the popular Lost Ark game’s gamers never attempted excavating, or are they confused with excavation? Or are you searching for Lost Ark Excavating Tutorial? You must read our review, take notes, and immediately practice the strategy outlined below!

Take a Look at the Lost Ark Excavating Tutorial

Excavating is one of the most popular gathering activities among players, and many believe it is the most helpful and profitable trading skill. In addition to relic materials or resources obtained through gatherings, honing materials may be obtained, which greatly aid the player’s character’s progression. In this Lost Ark Excavating Tutorial, we hope you can find what you searching for and solving the problems you’ve been facing.

Lost Ark Excavating Tutorial: How to Start Excavating

We must first learn or unlock the trade skill activity by taking and finishing the [Guide] Excavation, Dig Deeper quest on the battlebound plains of West Lutter after completing the main quest Crown of Lakebar.
This quest, which begins in Battlebound Plains, tasks you with searching for riches and eventually excavating a specified spot to obtain the prize. Sonar utilizes sound to detect treasure in the vicinity, while Relic Search shows its position, both of which can be accessed in the Trading Skills Hotbar.
Finding relics with Sonar instruments and relic search. The fight menu is replaced with the trade skills menu when you hit the B button. Select Sonar to fine-tune the target, then Relic Search when it’s nearby. When there are nodes nearby, sonar will dim more frequently, and then utilize sonar to reveal them. Within your sonar range, nodes will emerge.

Excavation Mini-Games

In this Lost Ark Excavating Tutorial, the trade skills give extra elements such as mini-games, one of which is excavation. When the excavation bonus hits 5 stacks, the excavating mini-game will be activated, and the boost will increase while excavating. The aim of the mini-game is to strike the blue area of the meter with an orange arrow. You have 15 seconds to press the blue section three times. You’ll gain more relics and means to sharpen them if you win the mini-game, such as moon/star breath or leaping stones.Passive – Sonar and Foraging Skills(lv. 1; Active)

When you use your first talent, a little circle will appear on your head. The color and sound of your circle will change as you get closer to the excavation site. G on your keyboard will help you find it. When you land, you will gain a passive stack. This is also important for the Lost Ark Excavating Tutorial.

  • Relic Lookup(Lv. 1; Active)

Pinging the environment around you in a vast radius, exposing the location of the buried relic.

  • Treasure Hunter(Lv. 10; Passive)

When a relic is discovered, the likelihood of a treasure chest emerging rises.

  • Demolition(Lv. 20; Passive)

When you achieve the maximum stack of 5, your next dig will trigger a mini-game. This minigame is the most significant component of archeology since it provides you with a wealth of information.

  • Sniffing Dog(Lv. 30; Active)

Summons a bloodhound, increasing the likelihood of rare materials falling for 180 seconds.

hints and tips

In mini games, you DO NOT have to hit the SPACEBAR on the initial dart toss. You have 15 seconds to press the SPACEBAR three times. If you make a mistake while playing the minigame, you can quit it by pressing escape. As long as you have 5 stacks of excavation buffs, you can wait for the relic to vanish before digging again in the same spot to re-trigger the mini game!

The Best Excavation Location

Barren route in Athetine is good for Tier 1 resources, Treasure island or Azure wind island is good for Tier 2 materials, and Tatika colony or Secret woodland in Punika is good for Tier 3 materials. Or, if you have tickets, Platinum Field. This is an excellent area for tier 3 special materials, although it can get crowded with other players.

What If I Still Have Difficulties?

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