Have you heard that in Malevolence, we may obtain hidden Elite Chests? Many people are still perplexed and unsure how to obtain it. Some people are still wondering how to get it and if it can be gained on their own. Check out our professional players’ feedback!

Can You Find Hidden Elite Chests on Your Own?

Yes, as long as you have achieved level 66, you may acquire it single. This is due to the fact that this place has a level of 66, which implies that treasure boxes here may be highly useful if you focus and farm expertise.

Where Can I Find Hidden Elite Chests?

Teleport to Genesis of Malevolence from Valord Hold Outpost. Bring plenty of supplies, such as healthful meals and healing potions. We started on the first floor of Malevolence and worked our way up to the fourth story. When you reach the fourth floor, you will enter a gate guarded by a “Alcazarian Formation” monster.
Then proceed down the trail. When you notice two monsters on guard, turn to the right as soon as possible (window). Follow the existing path after arriving at the window.
Perhaps you’re used to the daily chest run that has swept over the New World forum. However, if you don’t know where the existing daily chest is, we will share it with you.

  1. Altar of the First Elite Chest Summoning

Of course, after overcoming the previous obstacles, you may obtain the first chest on the first level, or rather in the summon altar area, which serves as the tower’s entrance.

  1. Altar Bear Boss from the Second Chest

To obtain this second chest, you must battle the Bear Boss, as the name implies. To find the location, simply continue exploring the tower you entered and inspecting each altar. Chests can sometimes mimic altar stones, allowing you to bypass them without realizing it.

  1. The Wall’s Third Chest Hole

This third treasure is hidden in a hole in the wall that will deceive you and provide a speed test.

  1. Parkour on the Fourth Chest

Find a space with unusual and attention-grabbing lighting that can elicit excitement and curiosity about what is within and the difficulties that await. Finish the task to obtain the fourth chest. You must exit the chamber, climb under the tree, and execute parkour, following the path behind the tree until you reach a clean place.

  1. Sleeping Bear on the Fifth Chest

Heading to the previously mentioned 4th floor, you will enter the direction of the gate defended by a monster known as “Alcazarian Formation.”

The Last Elite Chest’s Hidden Location

Enter and continue the route when you obtain the fifth chest. When you notice two monsters on guard, turn to the right as soon as possible (window). Follow the existing path after arriving at the window.
When you return to the tower, you will notice another way outside the window and a monster with a reset point. The only way out is to defeat him. This concealed chest is visible from the window for some reason. After you finish, you can exit the tower through the window and confront Malevolence, a big monster with a lot of useful drops, such as weaponsmith’s trousers, which are rather pricey.

Are you having problems discovering all of the chests?

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