Moonton is Coming Out with a New Hero in Mobile Legends. Mobile Legends, the most popular MOBA game on both Android and iOS, is believed to be introducing Xavier, a Hero Mage with extremely powerful abilities. What are the abilities? Take a look at our review below!

Hero Mage Abilities That Aren’t Typical

Forget about hero mages, who are frequently weak and underappreciated. Xavier possesses exceptional abilities. Aurora and Odette may be familiar to you from the first skills Xavier introduced.

  • The first skill that can immobilize the enemy in a circle with an ice aura, which can allow Xavier to attack five enemies at once. Right, this is just the first skill.
  • The second skill will remind you of several heroes at once, which I don’t need to mention. This cool skill that can slow down Xavier’s enemies is a wall of ice. Anyone passing by will slow down, which is perfect for preventing the enemy from escaping.
  • Ultimate anti-mainstream: players who love the Land of Dawn world should anticipate Xavier’s ultimate. To make it easier to explain, you can imagine the ulti of Layla, but with a longer distance, even very far away.
  • Xavier’s passive, according to many Land of Dawn lovers, can make him a support/tank role. The ice aura it emits can immobilize the opponent.

Moonton is Coming Out with a New Hero in Mobile Legends

Ultimate Xavier should be avoided.

You must be aware whenever Xavier employs his ultimate. After using the ultimate, all of Xavier’s skills will improve. From the increased damage to the larger ice wall, Xavier is expected to be a hero subscription prohibited by Mobile Legends players in rank mode until the hero is rebalanced.

Mastering a hero demands adjusting your own gaming rhythm to the match conditions in the Land of Dawn. You can also change it to include heroes that are already good and have cool skins and talents.

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