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New hero is added in Mobile Legends namely Aulus. Aulus is a hero with a role fighter.

Aulus has pasif skill “Fighting Spirit”, skill 1 “Aulus, Charge!”, skill 2 “The Power of Axe” and the ultimate skill “Undying Fury”
The emblem used is the fighter emblem. For the fighter emblem, you can choose “disabled strike”.

3 mandatory items, namely Warrior Boots (to reduce physical damage), Windtalker, War Ax, for the rest of the items you can build Immortality, Brute Force, or if you want full damage you can make endless Battle + Blade of Despair, so the remaining 1 item slot can use defense armor such as dominant ice, etc.

Credit(IG): @realmobilelegendsid

Aulus is the newest Fighter hero in the Mobile Legends game. This hero was officially released some time ago through the latest update. As usual, the new heroes in Mobile Legends are quite overpowered. Aulus can inflict considerable and deadly damage to his opponent. But strangely, until now Aulus is still not a priority pick in Mobile Legends ranked mode.
This is of course a question mark. Why is Aulus rarely used by Mobile Legends players in ranked mode? To answer this question, let’s first know what the weaknesses of this hero are. Here’s more information:

Highly Rely on Items
Aulus is a hero who relies heavily on item ownership. As a result, this hero is very weak when the game is just starting or the early game. The lifestyle effect of this hero is also so low that Aulus is easily defeated in the early game.

Don’t Have CC
Aulus does not have the ability to crowd control so the enemy will be very easy to avoid attacks from Aulus. This deficiency is of course very significant, making Aulus less competitive with other Fighter heroes in the Mobile Legends game.

Difficult to Enter Team Fight
Aulus is a pure fighter who is more inclined to start a team fight at the beginning so it is difficult for him to enter the backline. This is different from other core heroes from both Fighter and Assassins where he can directly stab from behind.

Highly Rely on Auto Attack
The last Aulus weakness is relying too much on Auto Attack when dealing damage to the opponent. This of course is detrimental when he gets CC in a row. As a result, Aulus couldn’t do anything during the Team Fight.

Well, that’s a series of weaknesses from Aulus. We hope this article is useful!

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