New World Merger Server: Is It a Disaster or a Solution? Patch 1.2.1 has been released for New World, one of the best-selling MMORPG titles in Steam history. The server merging is one of the new update’s features. So the issue is, is a server merger a disaster or a solution to the problem thus far?

Shroud’s Twitch Predictions

A Twitch broadcaster who frequently plays New World discusses the potential negative implications of a server merging, one of which being the economic anarchy of the characters being played.
Numerous players are dreading the consequences of the server merging because new disasters happened in the last update, such as the loss of stuff and gold from many characters owing to being blacklisted by Amazon Game Studio, the game’s creator.

Facts about Highilght in New World Patch 1.2.1

New World Merger Server: Is It a Disaster or a Solution? It has not been found to generate substantial instability, according to data compiled from the official New World website regarding the most recent changes, one of which being server mergers. It also corrected many flaws in yesterday’s patch 1.2 update.

One of the consequences of server mergers is increased research time. This resolved the issues that had arisen as a result of the prior release. As the Azoth balance increases in proportion to the amount invested, the cooldown time for picking or changing factions increases to 2 months, requiring New World players to make intelligent judgments.
Another change is that the number of characters that may be generated by a single account each day has been reduced. The developer does this to avoid gold exploitation and other cheating connected to patch 1.2.1, which is not yet a final version.

Is It a Nightmare or a Solution?

Depending on what your initial problem was, we can determine if this is a disaster or a solution. This is a disaster if you have trouble accumulating gold and employing hacks or bots. If you don’t have any issues with gold or stuff, this is the way to go.

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