How to Wing 1 Raid in Guild Wars 2.

Prepare your character to conquer Spirit Vale in the game Guild Wars 2. Legendary game players docked, and check out how I defeated existing bosses to conquer Spirit Vale!


Open Spirit Vale through the raid portal at the Lions Arch Aerodrome. There will be three colored guardians that you have to defeat in order to spawn the first boss. This is an introduction to the key mechanics of the first boss.

– Green Guardian – Blue Circles appear under nearby players and after a while they will move players to random locations and deal damage to them.

– Red Guardian – Only damage conditions are effective against this guardian. Players dealing heavy damage while within their radius will be targeted by red orbs (seekers). They can be immobilized or thrown.

– Blue Guardian – Thunder clouds will hit the ground once the Green Circle fills up. If the three people didn’t stand within the lightning cloud to soak up some damage, the entire party would take 80% of their maximum health in damage.

Guardian Vale

Prepare yourself to receive the initial attack from the Vale Guardian. Master the position, type of damage and CC to support strategies.

a. Composition

  • Crowd Control (CC) can break defiance bars for guarding Red Seekers

– Condition Damage, during the split phase, you need it to kill the Red Guardian    – Combine Temporal Curtain for Mesmer Focus, Entangle for elite rangers, Shield of Absorption for Guardian Shield- Boon Rip, to take damage to the blue guardian, you will need it    – Use Mind Spike for Mesmer Sword and Feast of Currution for Necromancer’s Scepter.- Barrier/Healing, squad can ignore the opponent’s mechanics and transfer damage.

b. Roles

  • Power: remove buff from blue guardian using only boon rip
  • Tank: Make sure the one with the strongest power will fortify the boss.
  • Conditions: make sure that there is a lot of conditional damage to the Red guardian when the split phase starts.

How to Wing 1 Raid in Guild Wars 2

c. Strategy

  • Center, center the boss at a certain point and surround him slowly
  • Rotation, like playing chase each other, make the boss chase you, make sure you are in an advantageous position.
  • Green Circle, Concentrate all the burden on the healer because there is 80% health, they will take damage.

d. Mechanic

  • Red Seekers: Red Orbs will appear in the center of each tile and slowly move towards the player. This will inflict heavy damage on anyone within their radius. They can be immobilized, incapacitated, incapacitated, or repelled to prevent them from reaching your troops.
  • Unstable Magic-Blue Circles will appear under players near Vale Guardian. Players who are inside this circle will see a yellow film around their screen.
  • Distributed Magic: A green circle will appear on the tile where the boss is currently located. Four players must stand in a circle while the circle fills up to prevent the entire squad from taking 80% of their maximum health in the form of damage.
  • Split Phase: At 66% and 33%, the Vale Guardian will become invulnerable and move to the center of the arena. The further from the center of the boss, the longer the transition between phases, giving players more time to recover if necessary.
  • Tiles: After 66%, any of the three tiles divided into the arena will start with a green tile. Players standing on the lit tiles will receive pulsed damage.
  • Magic Storms: After 66%, Vale Guardians will start using energy launches in the environment, damaging every hit that hits them.

Conquering Vale Guardian requires skills that have been honed sharply, and at a good level, with experience. This, of course, will be difficult for new players.
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