Conquer Spirit Vale Wing 1 Raid. Continuation of the guide to conquering the first Spirit Vale. In this guide, you will be taken to defeat Spirit Woods, and Gorseval of Multifarious. How to conquer it? Check out our review!

A. Spirit Woods

Prepare yourself to sink deeper into the forest and find a clearing where you will meet Angered Spirits. Fight them and the Spirit Woods event begins.

1. Spectral Rifts

Having a scrapper gives the squad super speed, and the musicians use portals to reduce travel time between gaps. There’s also an Adrenal Mushroom on the side that can be used to allow old skill cooldowns to be freely used during this event, meaning you’ll have to abuse certain skills for mobile.Damage isn’t necessary to complete this event, but killing spirits while capturing a rift can help reduce the pressure taken by your troops.

2. Ghostly Wall

Look for loopholes where players with higher DPS have to run forward to break the barrier while some supportive or even long-range DPS players have to stay behind to catch Spectral Rifts.

3. Cemetery

Find five buttons in the graveyard and stand on them at the same time. The locations are scattered around the stairs.

B. Gorseval The Multifarious

Conquer Spirit Vale Wing 1 Raid. Prepare a good DPS and make an aggressive strategy with an aggressive composition to conquer it.

1. Composition

– Use Charged Souls to slow movement.- Blocking enemy knockback attacks with stability- Clear spectral darkness and spirit by cleaving damage or piercing

2. Strategy

As I discussed earlier, the best strategy is to come up with an aggressive strategy. So stay efficient and aggressive in defeating the boss. Don’t forget to look at the health condition. If it decreases, stop attacking the boss.

3. Mechanics

Rampage: Slower and harder attacks are better during this mechanic for dealing damage received.

Tanking: The player with the highest toughness will be attacked by the boss. This can be used by other players in the party.

Spirits: After going berserk, Spirits appear around Gorseval.

Smash: The ground will shatter around Gorseval, who raises his arm.
Make sure you pay attention to the Charged Soul, Spectral Darkness, and Ghastly Prison phases to defeat Gorseval. Keep an eye on the rhythm of your version of the party game and optimize each character’s strengths.
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