WvW & PvP

WvW & PvP Reward Track are Structured PvP goals that can be activated in the PvP panel. Each track has 8 tiers, each tier has 5 rewards.

A PvP reward track requires 20000 points earned towards it for completion. Points can be earned in two ways:

1. By playing matches. The different arenas provide different amounts of progression per game: Unranked and ranked wins progress the track by 700 points. Unranked and ranked losses progress the track by 350 points. A Custom Arena win progresses the track by 320 points; a loss counts as 160 points. To reduce botting, Custom Arena progress is capped at two major rewards per day.[1].

2. Consuming a Potion of WvW & PvP Reward (obtained from PvP objective dailies) or Large Potion of PvP Reward (obtained from winning a monthly Automated Tournament). Standard potions progress the track by 250 points, i.e. 80 potions will complete an entire track. Large potions progress the track by 2500 points, i.e. 8 large potions will complete an entire track.

Players can only make progress on a single reward track at a time. Switching between tracks will save any progress made, and players can return where they left off. There is no known way to reset a reward track without finishing it. Upon completion of a reward track, the next reward track with the most progress is automatically activated, unless the autorepeat icon (shaped like an infinity sign) has been checked, in which case it will restart the current track. Reward track progress is linear and is the same for all tracks.

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