Rank Hero

Rank Hero , MMR stands for Match Making Rate, or for short, is the winning point. The term MMR is usually synonymous with the DOTA game, but in the Mobile Legends game there is also the term MMR even though the packaging is different.

In Mobile Legends Bang Bang , MMR is called power, and each hero has their own MMR value. MMR in this game only exists in ranked mode and only opens after playing 15 ranked matches.

If you are aiming for a top local or top global position on the Mobile Legends ranked leaderboard, then you have to pay attention to the MMR points of your hero hero. So how do you calculate MMR? How can MMR points increase and decrease? That why Rank Hero is important.

The addition of MMR or power points in Mobile Legends is calculated based on the player’s own MMR level. The number of points earned and deducted scales with each rank.

If the MMR value is below 2000, you can get 20-25 points if you win, and decrease 1-3 points if you lose.

If the MMR value is between 2000-3500, you can get 7-14 points if you win, and decrease by 2 points if you lose.


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