Elite specializations can now be unlocked in the training tab of the Hero Panel. You must complete all core specializations in order to start training an elite specialization. Hero points are used to train elite specializations. Once you begin training an elite specialization, you can set it as active in the bottom specialization slot of the Build tab.

Level 80 rewards.

In contrast to core specializations, which merely modify how certain skills and effects work, choosing an elite specialization fundamentally changes the way a given profession plays by altering or expanding on the base profession mechanic and providing access to a new weapon, healing skill, elite skill and a set of utility skills of the same skill type.

All core profession skills, weapons and specializations will still be available while an elite specialization is equipped. Training an elite specialization is basically the same as a core specialization, however there are a few requirements: You must own the respective expansion The character must be level 80 All core skills and specializations must be fully trained It will take 250 hero points to fully unlock an elite specialization and all points can only be obtained through completing hero challenges or purchased from a Heroics Notary.

The first trait costs 30 hero points to train, with subsequent traits costing 10 points and skills costing 15 points each. Elite specializations gradually unlock the specialization specific traits and skills at the same time—there is no separation of traits and skills. Upon training the first trait you will also unlock the respective specialization collection. Elite specializations can only be equipped in the bottom (third) specialization slot in the hero panel, which has a faint golden frame around it.

Elite specialization exclusive weapons and skills cannot be equipped or used unless the respective elite specialization is also equipped. Equipping a weapon without its respective elite specialization will have its respective weapon skills greyed out—making them unusable. Removing or swapping the elite specialization will cause any currently slotted skills to be greyed out.  

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