Ascended weapons are weapons of Ascended rarity. All ascended weapons come with a single infusion slot when they are one-handed or off-hand, and two when they are two-handed or aquatic. Achievements Completing certain achievements will reward players with an Ascended weapon. Gold Fractal Master Machined Weapons collection War Cache of the Twin Dynasts Primordus Weapons collection – Staff only. Requires Living World season 3 chapter 2 – Rising Flames to complete. Specialization Collections – Requires the respective elite specialization to be unlocked. Must be fully trained to complete. From Heart of Thorns, the following can be obtained: greatsword, hammer, longbow, shield (1), shield (2), staff (1), staff (2), torch, warhorn From Path of Fire, the following can be obtained: axe (1), axe (2), dagger (1), dagger (2), rifle, short bow, sword (1), sword (2), torch Knight of the Thorn – Requires Heart of Thorns chapter 16: Hearts and Minds to be completed. Choice of dagger, greatsword, scepter, shield, or sword. May be exchanged for a different one through Ridhais. The King Toad and The Storm Wizard – Requires Super Adventure Box festival to be active. Crafting Primary article: Ascended crafting Ascended weapons may be crafted by level 500 Artificer, Huntsman and Weaponsmiths. The recipes can be bought from certain NPCs (e.g. Master craftsmans or Guild Traders) or obtained from opening certain containers or recipe books. Because some materials are timegated (limited to one craft per day), each weapon requires a minimum of 5 days to craft. This timegate may be circumvented by purchasing the refined materials. Players can also craft Grandmaster Marks to exchange for Ascended weapons at certain vendors. The recipes for these marks are sold at BLING-9009, Ascended Weapon League Vendor and Skirmish Supervisor. The precursor weapons for the second generation legendaries are also Ascended. Looting Completing certain events can reward players with Ascended weapons. Defeating Tequatl the Sunless has a small chance to reward players with a Tequatl’s Hoard or an Ascended weapon chests, from the Exotic Dragon Chest which is only obtainable once daily. Mistborn Coffers in Dragonfall have a small chance to contain Gift of Aurene (one gift is guaranteed to drop once per account within the first 1000 coffers opened). Dragon Coffers, available during Dragon Bash festival and through trading, have a small chance to contain Gift of Aurene or Tequatl’s Hoard. Daily fractal chests have a small chance of rewarding Ascended weapon chests. Raid bosses have a chance to drop a specific weapon. This weapon is the same type available for purchase from Scholar Glenna after defeating that particular boss. Only available once per kill weekly. World versus World rank up rewards Reward track loot boxes Guild missions Very small chance from opening Champion loot bags.

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