Aurora is a legendary trinket obtainable through Living World Season 3. All six episodes must be unlocked in order to craft this item. The exact visual effect depends on the total number of legendary trinkets equipped. With weapons stowed, an ethereal aura will appear around the player. With weapons drawn, four orbs or bubbles will orbit the player’s head. The visual effects cannot be disabled. Shares the same animation of Vision [1] and Coalescence. A Sentient Seed is required to unlock Aurora: Awakening. This is obtained by purchasing it from Gleam of Sentience, which in turn is obtained by combining the “Sentient” converters rewarded by the following Living World Season 3 achievements: Out of the Shadows: Conspiracy of Dunces — Find the journals chronicling the White Mantle’s plans. (5Achievement pointsSentient Anomaly) Rising Flames: Token Collector — Collect all the mursaat tokens that were scattered around Ember Bay. (40Achievement pointsSentient Aberration)  The Head of the Snake: Cin Business — Find goods that might interest Cin—some that he lost, some that he wants to sell. (5Achievement pointsSentient Oddity)  Flashpoint: Lessons Learned — Find all 14 of the golemancer’s lost recordings in Draconis Mons. (6Achievement pointsSentient Singularity), Its infusion slot can be swapped without an Infusion Extraction Device. The swapped infusion appears in the player’s inventory.

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