Boost Classic Match Win ( 100 Win )

Classic is the first and earliest game mode in Mobile Legends. All other game modes use the rules in Classic as a base. This mode gives 5v5 and the Mobile Legends experience without worrying about losing your Rank, but your win rate will be affected, both from the hero side and the whole.​​​​ Classic Mode is suitable for beginners who need to familiarize themselves with Mobile Legends games. You can freely choose any hero you have, along with the Weekly Free Heroes and any trial cards you possess. However, you cannot have more than one of the same hero on your team.

Classic Mode is a great place if you want to play more relaxed or hone skills using a new hero. If you had just bought a hero and is still unfamiliar as to how the hero works, you can familiarize yourself on using that hero first in Vs. AI or Custom. To find out more game modes, visit the Battle Field Guide.


Like all MOBA Games, the primary goal is to destroy the Enemy Base. This requires you to defend your Turrets and Base, and destroy the enemy Turrets. Each turret in a specific lane must be destroyed in a sequence for your minions to reach the Base. There are ways to destroy turrets by making use of the minions/creeps to take the damage of the turret’s bullets. After destroying the turrets, you will be able to damage/destroy the Enemy Base. Destroying the final Turret in a lane will grant super minions which can inflict high damage to heroes. Sometimes, players get caught up with accumulating kills against enemy heroes instead of focusing on enemy minions and turrets. More kills might result in them getting MVP, but destroying turrets and getting to the Enemy Base is the main objective. if you want to easily win 100 match in classic, we provide Boost Classic Match Win ( 100 Win ) service that you can choose.


Celestial Palace/Western Expanse – A field drawing inspiration from the Defense of the Ancients: Allstars (DOTA for short) version of the map, with several tweaked features and mechanics. The game consists of five heroes on each team, who are then put in an arena with the objective of destroying each other’s Base Inhibitor, resulting in a victory. The general time it takes to complete most games is about 10–15 minutes, but some games can last over 30 minutes.

A Jungle populated with Jungle Monsters granting Healing Buffs, Role Buffs, and Gold Buffs. There are also Boss Monsters which provide gold for your whole team or the Lord fighting by your side.
The gold lane can also be taken by Tanks who are roaming for the team to get items quickly to support the team.

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