Classic Winrate 50x

Classic is the earliest game mode in Mobile Legends. All other game modes use the rules in Classic as a base. This mode gives 5 vs 5 and the Mobile Legends experience without worrying about losing Rank but your win rate will be affected, both from the hero side and the whole.​​​​ Classic Mode is suitable for beginners who need to familiarize themselves with Mobile Legends games. You can freely choose any hero you have, plus the Weekly Free Heroes and the trial cards. However, in one team there can be no same hero. After u Confirm to equip the heroes you use u can’t change to other heroes so pick carefully.

Classic Mode is a great place if you want to play more relaxed or hone skills using a new hero. If you just recently bought a hero and still unfamiliar as to how the hero works, you can familiarize yourself on using that hero first in Vs. AI or Custom. To find out more game modes, visit the Battle Field Guide

Like all MOBAs the primary goal is to destroy the Enemy Base Inhibitor. Defending each Turrets and Base inhibitor, each Turret in one lane must be destroyed in sequence (one cannot skip straight to the Base Inhibitor). There are ways to destroy turrets by making use of the minions/creeps to take the damage of the turret’s fire. After the turrets have been destroyed, you will be able to damage/destroy the Enemy Base Inhibitor. They may be weak but they are a vital part of winning. Destroying the final Turret in a lane will grant super minions which can inflict high damage to heroes. Sometimes Players get caught up with their kills which results getting MVP but getting the Enemy Base Inhibitor is the real victor of the game. Choose our service Classic Winrate 50x, so you can increase your mmr or battle point.

Celestial Palace/Western Expanse – A Field that draws inspiration from the Defense of the Ancients: Allstars (DOTA for short) version of the map, with several tweaked features and mechanics. The game consists of five heroes on each team, who are then put in arena in order to attempt to destroy each others Base Inhibitor and win. The general time it takes to complete a game ranges from 10–15 minutes, it sometimes extends to 15-30 minutes.

Three lanes to fight your way to the enemy base. A Jungle that is populated with Jungle Monsters that grants Healing Buff, Role Buff, and Gold Buff. There are also Boss Monsters which provide gold for your whole team or the Lord fighting by your side.

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