Ranked Game or simply Ranked is a competitive seasonal game mode that runs for three months, where you will be placed in one of the 7 divisions of the Ranked Game that is arranged from the lowest to highest: Warrior, Elite, Master, Grandmaster, Epic, Legend, and Mythic. Warrior is the lowest division in the game, while Mythical Glory is the highest.

Players will be matched with opponents and allies that have similar or nearing Ranked Division. Every time you win a match in a Ranked Game, you will be awarded 1 star, while losing a Ranked Game will deduct you 1 star. Players can invite friends to play in ranked games together. A Ranked Game allows Solo, Duo, Trio, and Squad Match-ups. However, invited players must be within at least two ranks of each other.

Mythic is the highest division in ranked play. Players who reach Mythic and Glorious Mythic rank can unlock exclusive avatar borders, among other cool rewards. When a player is ranked between Warrior and Grandmaster, they will go through the usual selection phase as they would experience in Classic. However, when a player reaches Epic or above, the selection phase will now become Draft Pick. When the season ends, Ranked Games will be temporarily unavailable, until the new season starts, where the player will be placed on a new starting division determined by their highest division on the previous season.

Ranks are the Grading System for Mobile Legends players that determines how proficient and experienced the player is. Players are rewarded one star for every victory in a Ranked Game, but they lose a star for every defeat in a Ranked Game. When a player has full stars in level within a division, the next victory will result in a promotion to the next level within a division. However, when a player has full stars in a level I within their division (ex. Warrior I, Epic I, and Legend I), they will be promoted to the next division. When a player has no stars in a level within their tier, the next defeat will get them demoted to the previous lower level (ex. Epic II → Epic III and Legend IV → Legend V) in their division. However, if they have no more stars within the lowest level in their division, they will drop down to the highest level of the lower division (ex: Legend V → Epic I and Grandmaster V → Master I). In the Warrior division, no stars will be deducted for losses. For some of the ranks, if they reached another rank, it increases the slot by 1-star. All the info for the individual ranks are given below.

Grandmaster is the 4th rank after Master. At this rank, the game will be more intense and difficult unlike the previous ranks. The player starts at the lowest level (Grandmaster V) and it takes 6 stars to rise to the next level, such as from Grandmaster V to Grandmaster IV. On par with the ranks above it, Grandmaster has 5 divisions and requires 6 stars to rank up. If you are in the Advanced Server, starting from this rank to Glorious Mythic, players can unlock Draft Pick, which is a special match that can be commanded by spectators. The game gets more difficult and the rules are different in Draft Pick. On previous ranks or ranks without using the Draft Pick system, both teams can use the same hero on both sides, but in the Draft pick mode, each team can only use one hero and ban two heroes from being used. Once you lose a match, you will lose a star, and the loss can only be negated by Protection points. Ranking up to Epic requires Grandmaster 1 and 6 stars for promotion. Only Master, Grandmaster, and Epic players can invite you.

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