HARDCORE PVe Package List of Service:
  • 1 Set Ascended Armor Berserker.
  • 3 Ascended Weapon
  • 1 Set Ascended Trinket
  • Max Crafting x4
  • Max 500 Hero Point (Elite Specialization)
  • Max Mastery
  • 100% Map Complete
  • All Story Finish
  • Legendary Armor PVe 1 Set
  • Legendary Backpack Fractal “Ad Infinitum”
  • Legendary Trinket “Aurora”
  • Legendary Trinket “Vision”


  • level 80 Character
  • Hot & PoF Unlocked
  • Raptor and Springer mount already unlock


Requirements after purchased:
  • Account Email
  • Password
  • Authentication Code


Player versus Environment (usually abbreviated as PvE) refers to the combat and activities in the game which are not focused on competing against other players to succeed. PvE content is designed to be completed cooperatively with other players or as a solo player, so if combat is involved it is against computer controlled enemies. PvE is the opposite of Player versus Player (PvP) which focuses on combat against other players. In Guild Wars 2, PvP and PvE content are completely separate; a character playing PvE cannot be killed by another player.
PvE is designed to encourage fluid, natural cooperation between players. Any player contributing to a fight is rewarded and has a chance at loot and gets the same amount of experience regardless of how many other players were involved. Dynamic level adjustment scales higher level players down to the level of the area. Events and other encounters scale in difficulty as more players join in. Every player is able to revive others who have been defeated. Traditional MMORPG player roles such as healing classes have been eschewed in favor of each character being able to perform a hybrid role in combat and provide all of the three facets of the Guild Wars 2 combat system; damage, control and support.
The following sections provide additional details about some of the significant aspects of Guild Wars 2 Player versus Environment game play.
Raids are instances that provide some of the most challenging gameplay in Guild Wars 2. As part of a ten-person squad, players undergo various encounters that require coordination and each participant to know their classes well.


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