Hardcore PvP Package List of Service:
  • 1 Set Ascended Armor Berserker.
  • 3 Ascended Weapon
  • 1 Set Ascended Trinket
  • Max Crafting x4
  • Max 500 Hero Point (Elite Specialization)
  • Max Mastery
  • 100% Map Complete
  • All Story Finish
  • Legendary Armor WvW
  • Legendary Backpack WvW “Warbringer”
  • Legendary Trinket “Aurora”
  • Legendary Trinket “Vision”


  • level 80 Character
  • Hot & PoF Unlocked
  • Raptor and Springer mount already unlock


Requirements after purchased:
  • Account Email
  • Password
  • Authentication Code


World vs. World (also known as WvW) is a game mode combining Player versus Player and Player versus Environment elements. Players from three different worlds (which can involve 6+ servers) battle against each other. It features open-world combat on five large maps with up to several dozen players per map. In World versus World, players can besiege objectives such as Keeps and Towers with siege weapons, and battle over resource camps, as well as complete other PvE-type content to win World Experience for themselves.
Players joining WvW will have their level and attributes dynamically adjusted to level 80. However, their equipment stats will remain locked to their equipment level, so entering at a low level is not recommended. Although equipment can be obtained within WvW, WvW does not reward normal experience, only World Experience that increases a player’s World Rank. Character levels may instead be gained by using Tomes of Knowledge, obtained from rank increase rewards and WvW reward tracks. Each character on an account utilizes their own pool of World Ability Points and subsequently purchased WvW traits, but World Experience and World Rank gained on one character are account-wide.
The various maps can hold a limited number of players. If this cap is reached, the map will gain a queue. Players can swap maps while in a queue without losing their place, but swapping characters will drop them from the queue. Edge of the Mists technically has no queue, as a new map will open as required. Player limits are based on the server resources being used. The limit number is split equally among all three worlds.[1]


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