Adventures are a feature introduced with Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, set to challenge level 80 players. Adventures are indicated on the map open, Adventure closed and in the game world, as illustrated to the right. Every adventure is performance-based and repeatable, and most of them take place in the open world. Adventures have accompanying leaderboards for friends and guild members, allowing players to compete with each other for the best scores. Upon starting an Adventure, the map event interface will track progress towards Bronze, Silver, and subsequently Gold tier performance levels. Adventures generally involve time or survival constraints, rewarding practiced movement and planned strategies.

Adventures are closely tied to masteries, with many requiring masteries to reach. Most Adventures also allow for improved scores by taking advantage of specific masteries such as Updraft Use or Bouncing Mushrooms. Additionally, for the first time an account receives Silver and Gold tier rewards, Adventures award Achievement points, and Adventures in the Heart of Maguuma also award Mastery points.


  • Daily adventure rewards will be held if the Trading Post delivery box is full and stored until traded items are picked up.
  • Haywire Punch-o-Matic Battle and Scrap Rifle Field Test are instanced, entering them can cause you to lose any map bonus you had upon entering.


Several adventures were scrapped prior to the final release of the Heart of Thorns expansion. Limited information was gleamed by data-miners. These include:

  • “Beetle Blast”
  • “Mordrem Mesmer Battle”
  • “Ogre Camp Glider Challenge” – Ogre Camp.
  • “Ooze Smasher”
  • “Potent Potions” – Itzel Grounds.
  • “Quaggan Glide Challenge”
  • “Rainbow Tree-Frog Battle”
  • “Spider Slaying” – Itzel Grounds.
  • “Spin to Win”

First time gold and silver rewards grant a Mastery Point (Heart of Thorns).png Mastery Point item which is instantly consumed.


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