Legendary armors are sets of armor of Legendary rarity. Like all legendary equipment, it is able to select any attribute combination available and can be changed at any time while out of combat. Additionally, it is possible to swap out any slotted upgrade component (runes and infusions) that has been placed in them at no cost (swapped out items are returned to your inventory).

Legendary armor was implemented with Living World Season 3 Episode 5 “Flashpoint” on May 2nd, 2017, with the Perfected Envoy armor sets made available for acquisition. There are no plans to release another set in the future. Legendary armor was introduced to PvP and WvW with the August 8th, 2017 balance patch.

Structured PvP is a mode which allows competition on an even footing.


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The attributes, runes, and sigils from a character’s PvE equipment are not used in structured PvP maps. Instead, equipment attributes are normalized, and players select a rune set, a sigil set, a PvP-specific amulet, and a set of specializations in the PvP Build panel. This build is maintained separately from the player’s normal PvE or WvW build, and is automatically applied whenever a character enters the structured PvP lobby map. This mechanic allows players to be on an equal playing field with the same attributes, skills, and equipment options as other players. Players need to equip chest, legs and foot armor to achieve the base armor value, but hands, shoulders and head may be ignored

Ardent Glorious armor is a PvP-exclusive Ascended or Legendary armor set that can be acquired from earning rewards in PvP Leagues.

Players can purchase either the Exotic armor skin or the pricier Ascended armor piece to unlock the wardrobe skin for the Mistforged Glorious Hero’s armor set. It is recommended that you do not attempt to stat change your precursor item with the standard stat swap recipe in the Mystic Forge. While you will be provided with an item with the desired stats, it will have been replaced with a generic ascended item that cannot be used as a legendary precursor.

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