This item allows selection of stats. See below for a list of available prefixes.  Superior Sigil of Accuracy , Unused Upgrade Slot , Unused Infusion Slot , Unused Infusion Slot. Chuka & Champawat is a legendary short bow crafted in the Mystic Forge, connected to the Heart of Thorns expansion through the required tasks and materials.

Legendary Weapon “Chuka & Champawat” power leveling is short bow class weapon with a tiger-themed, sporting an intricate design with a red and gold color scheme. To obtain this legendary short bow weapon, you need to finish achievement and collect special material from Heart of Throne area Requirement to order this services : (Check if you have it)

Chuka and Champawat is a tiger-themed shortbow, sporting an intricate design with a red and gold color scheme. The grip of the bow is decorated by a glowing red tear-shaped orb, framed by two symmetrically positioned rearing gilded red-eyed tigers, both facing the outer tips of the bow. The tails of the tigers are intertwined below the gemstone and are above the wielder’s hand when the weapon is drawn. Both upper and lower limb of the bow are primarily covered by red, slightly curved wood ornaments, which emit a faint black and red aura.

The torso and the wrists of the character have an orange-red aura with alternating effects similar to the Torment condition visuals when the weapon is drawn.

Upon drawing the bow, the spirits of two tigers, Chuka and Champawat, “enter” the weapon and “empower” the player character, who grows slightly in size with the upper body being shrouded in a light reddish glow. A warping sound accompanied by a faint roar is heard in the background. A cyclone-like vortex of orange-red light, shaped in a three-clawed way, surrounds the character briefly. Upon stowing the bow, the vortex, slightly smaller this time, reappears and vanishes in the weapon. The player glow ceases as well. Upon movement, the tips of the bow leave an orange-red trail.

For a few seconds, intense glowing red-orange claw marks adorn the ground.

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