This item allows selection of stats. See below for a list of available prefixes. Superior Sigil of the Stars,  Unused Upgrade Slot, Unused Infusion Slot ,Infusion Slot ,Unused Infusion Slot. Exordium is a legendary greatsword crafted in the Mystic Forge. This mysterious blade’s form expresses itself in unique ways based on its wielder’s need, briefly taking on a different shape when thrown, thrusted, stabbed, or slammed into a target.

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Exordium is a vibrant crystal-themed greatsword, representing a renaissance of magic and technology in the world of Tyria. It is the only legendary weapon that changes its appearance while using certain weapon skills.

Swirls of golden light with floating crystal bits surround the swordsman’s arms.

Upon drawing the weapon, a vortex of gleaming light infused with speckles of gold and shards of crystal erupts from the greatsword and attaches itself to the character’s upper limbs. When stowing Exordium, the swirls and shards dematerialize into air.

The character leaves quickly dissolving vortexes of orange and blue and pieces of light on the ground.

During melee chain attacks, the blade expands before each strike, reaching its largest form on the third strike of the chain. Projectiles thrown while wielding Exordium become large four-pointed stars.

It is recommended that you do not attempt to stat change your precursor item with the standard stat swap recipe in the Mystic Forge. While you will be provided with an item with the desired stats, it will have been replaced with a generic ascended item that cannot be used as a legendary precursor.

Exordium, the Latin word for “beginning”, is used in rhetorics. This weapon has been designed by Chelsea Mills, while Vincent Balmori and Artem Sorokin are responsible for its effects, i.e. footfalls, aura and weapon skill animations. Exordium transforms into 16 different shapes across 19 skill animations.

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