This item allows selection of stats. See below for a list of available prefixes. Superior Sigil of Smoldering , Unused Upgrade Slot , Infusion Slot Unused Infusion Slot , Infusion Slot , Unused Infusion Slot. Pharus is a light-themed legendary longbow crafted in the Mystic Forge.

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Pharus is a light-themed longbow with an intricate design. While in use, it shifts into a mass of white light in the shape of a bow, complete with a bowstring of light. In its stowed state, the bow is solid, and marginally smaller as well as subtler in appearance.

The wielder is wrapped in white-blue light. The wielder’s right hand leaves a subtle blue trail while moving. A cluster of light flashes around the wielder, coming from the ground up as if lightning strikes the earth. The light leaves a mark on the ground where it scorched the earth. The scorched area stays until the bow is stowed or weapons are swapped.

White shimmering cracks of light are left on the ground. Default projectiles are replaced with arrows of white light. Critically hitting an enemy causes a beam of light to appear on the enemy. This effect can only be seen by the player wielding Pharus. The beam leaves cracks in the ground identical to those from the footfalls, but there is no light shining out of them. Instead, smoke emerges from the cracks.

Pharus’ Damage type is fire. Enemies killed while wielding Pharus will display the burning to death animation characteristic of  Burning damage. A dark wooshing sound can be heard upon drawing and stowing the weapon. The standard projectile sound is accompanied by a charged, deep twang. A distinct, impactful noise can be heard upon critically hitting a target.

It is recommended that you do not attempt to stat change your precursor item with the standard stat swap recipe in the Mystic Forge. While you will be provided with an item with the desired stats, it will have been replaced with a generic ascended item that cannot be used as a legendary precursor.

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