The mastery system interface is accessed through the bottom left tab of the hero panel, and is divided into four regional blocks: Central Tyria mastery tracks, Heart of Thorns mastery tracks, Path of Fire  tracks, and Icebrood Saga  tracks. Each mastery is permanently acquired through the following process, further detailed below: 1: Start training , earn enough experience to fill the progress yellow bar. 2: Earn enough points. 3: Spend your  points to permanently acquire the trained  for your account. Legendary Accessories “Vision” Completion Masteries of Path of Fire Requirement to order this services : (Check if you have it) To unlock the max mastery system, you must own any expansion and unlock one of its . This can for instance be done by completing certain story chapters: Act 1: Sparking the Flame The Icebrood Saga, Episode 1 (Whisper in the Dark): Silence Heart of Thorns, Act 1: TorThe max Mastery  system is an account-wide progression system for level 80 characters that provides players with account-wide benefits such as gliding, mounts, etc. n from the Sky Path of FirAlternatively, some  tracks can also be completed outside of the story in order to unlock the system, such as killing a raid boss in Heart of Thorns raids, entering some Living World zones, or completing certain achievements in strike missions. Unlocking any mastery  will also unlock all  tracks in the Central Tyria mastery category. However, other  tracks and regions must be unlocked separately. For example, a player that completes the first chapter of the Heart of Thorns story unlocks the first two Heart of Thorns  tracks and all Central Tyria  tracks for their account, but will not unlock the Path of Fire  category—they will need to do the first chapter of the Path of Fire story to unlock this. Similarly, unlocking the “Raids” track first will also unlock the Central Tyria mastery tracks but not the rest of the Heart of Thorns or other categories.e, Act 1: Sparking the Flame The Icebrood Saga, Episode 1 (Whisper in the Dark): Silence

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